About Me

Hello, I am Mayukh a PhD Candidate pursuing Astronomy at Queen’s University. Having done a bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering I came directly to Canada to pursue my lifelong dream of doing astronomy. I am lucky enough to work in the field of astronomical radio instrumentation which allows me to apply hands-on experience working with hardware to innovate newer instruments and develop existing ones. I am also interested in studying star formation, particularly analyzing dust polarization data from cores which are dense gas precursors to individual stellar systems. This allows me to understand the role of magnetic fields at the early stages of star formation. I am about to start my Ph.D. here at Queen’s continuing my work on instrumentation and star formation.
When I am not working or doing science you would find me at the gym or at my room playing guitar! I love powerlifting as a sport and have been pursuing it for a couple of years now. I wish to compete sometime soon.
I also love traveling (especially the mountains) and clicking pictures! Below are some of my favourite photos! (click to enlarge)